[English] Lesson #1 – How Forex works: brokers, liquidity, volatility

[English] Lesson #1 – How Forex works: brokers, liquidity, volatility

Learn trading with our Forex Basics Course for beginners. In episode 1, you will learn what Forex is, how it works, and how you can enter the market and start trading with a broker.

00:32 Forex market structure
02:25 Liquidity
03:28 Broker and its part in your trade
04:16 Make profit on Forex
04:59 Volatility

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Key takeaways of this lesson:

• Forex is the global financial market where banks and other major participants buy, sell, and exchange currencies 24/5.

• Central Banks regulate the overall volume of national currencies on the market via refinancing rates. Such regulations affect the national currency rate. That is one of the reasons currency rates change rapidly throughout the day.

• Liquidity is the possibility to instantly buy or sell currency at one market price. It means that no matter how large the amount is, it can be immediately sold, bought, or converted into another currency at one price—it is Forex’s main advantage. The more liquid the currency is, the faster it is sold. For example, USD is the most liquid currency in the world.

• Entering the Forex market with smaller amounts of currency is possible through brokers. The broker OctaFX is an intermediary between you and other market participants. It provides you with the most beneficial quotes with the help of ECN technology and fast and up-to-date trading applications.

• You can earn money on Forex by speculating with currency rates. It means predicting growths and falls of quotations to benefit from selling, buying, or exchanging.

• Volatility indicates how a currency’s price swings over time. A volatile market offers you more opportunities to make high profits, but it is also more risky. To manage risks, you have to learn to monitor market news.

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