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If you have been STUCK at the same level with your English for a LONG time… if you dream of reaching an advanced level so you can really be PROUD of your English… and if you have been bored studying alone or using traditional classes…. then you will LOVE our Daily English Program!

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“This is the best course I’ve taken to learn and improve English— because trust me, I’ve tried a lot of courses and teachers. And Stefanie, the team and this methodology are the best. The biggest thing that I achieved in this program was to become an independent learner, and a fluent and confident English speaker.” Denisse Delgado, Daily English Student


My goal with this masterclass is to OPEN YOUR MIND to a NEW way of learning English– a better, FASTER , easier way to improve!

I want to help you get control of your English journey so that…

-You know exactly how to make progress
-You don’t need to rely on teachers or classes
-You can finally get to the level you want

And, I’m going to reveal 2 powerhouse methodologies that will MAKE or BREAK your success.

0:00 Intro
5:52 Are you stuck?
9:05 Methodology 1
25:32 Methodology 2
47:30 How your brain learns best
55:52 “How to get rid of your accent?”
58:39 “How did you learn all this?”

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10 Things About Me

1. I was born in California, USA
2. I went to study abroad in Argentina in 2013
3. I met my husband Renzo in Argentina
4. We got married 5 months after we met!
5. We lived about 5 years in Argentina then started traveling
6. I started English Full:Time in 2016
7. Ren & I now live in California and have two amazing kids
8. We travel as much as we can (especially to Argentina!)
9. I speak Spanish fluently
10. I drink “mate” ? every day!

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