Covid vaccine scientists win Nobel: BBC News Review

Covid vaccine scientists win Nobel: BBC News Review

The scientists whose research made some of the Covid vaccines possible have won the Nobel prize for medicine. Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman’s research means that something called mRNA can be used to make vaccinations. Karikó had previously been criticised by fellow academics who felt that her approach would not work.
(Images: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP, Mandel Ngan/AFP, Mark Makela via Getty)

?Key words and phrases:
laid foundation
? made something possible
– This study laid the foundation for some important discoveries.
– Getting the products exactly right laid the foundation for our business’s success.

? like no one else
– She’s such a maverick; you never know what she’s going to do next.
– Mavericks can sometimes get great results, but they’re hard to work with.

? encouraged to happen
– The criticism spurred him to work harder.
– The decision to get rid of staff was spurred by the company’s losses.

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